Good bye, 2017

Let’s have this annual thing get done. Here we go again — one more year and other resolutions which gonna be pretty surely broken again. It seems like not much happened in my life last year. But If I look back, I see how many things have changed.

I came back from Turkey to my native city. I enjoyed the time with my cute nephew. I got a job at Montessori school, and learned things about this pedagogical approach. After eating comfort food and spending time with family 24/7 I experienced that bitter feeling of missing life abroad and people I left… The winter of 2017 I remember as depressive and cold. One year ago I’ve been struggling with all these EVS issues and I felt so anxious about future. I still remember myself having those nervous Skype interviews with different organizations from different countries. I felt so down, when I was being rejected and I felt so excited and happy to read emails like — «Congratulations, You have been selected!». I think 2017 gave me understanding that failure is more valuable than success, because it teaches you more and pushes work harder to reach your goals.

In June 2017 I traveled to Turkey. I visited my favorite city – Istanbul and I had amazing time there with my friend. Tasting Turkish food, hearing Turkish language around, watching Bosphorus and seagulls, crossing from Asian side to European on ferry, riding bike in Prince islands… I mean it is always magical in Istanbul and feels like home.
Then autumn came. I quitted work, I got my visa and I finally passed my driving exam a day before my flight to Moscow. I flew through Istanbul to Prague. I stayed for one rainy day in Istanbul. One more time walked around İstiklal Caddesi, had simit and ate figs before hitting the road.

Full and happy I came to Czech republic and crossed Schengen zone for the very first time. New language, new people, new food (not really, my stomach didn’t feel difference between Russian and Czech food), and starting a new life in a new place. I love it so much – exploring cultures, places and challenging myself. In three months since I came to Brno, I had a lot of beer, I met amazing people and I had a chance to visit Prague, Krakov, Wien, Leipzig, Berlin and Dresden. I’m looking forward to visit all places in Europe from my bucket list during this EVS year. And also I would like to do some other things except travelling. There are standart New Year’s Resolutions like eating more healthy, doing sport regularly, reading more. Also in 2018 I want to find hobbies, to learn Czech, not to waste time on social media (well, at least to have some days off from time to time), to challenge myself, to do some creative stuff, to express my thoughts in blog not only in my native language. So here it is — you’re reading my first post in English. 

Last New Year’s Eve I spent with my family what was great, because we were finally all together after such a long period of time. New Year’s Eve of 2018 I have spent in Berlin, one of the most alternative cities where crazy parties going on and random funny situations might happen to you. Dancing in crowd near Brandenburg gate, fireworks, champagne and Conchita Wurst singing on stage. This is how my 2018 has begun. Well, there is Russian saying: «Your next year is going to be the way how you would celebrate New Years Eve». I’m very curious to see how the next 2018 will turn out for me but I’m sure it’s going to be AWESOME 🙂  

with love,





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